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With Coast Bank, your banking experience will be so elevated that you will never return to physical banking.

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How Can Coast Bank Help You?

We can solve all of your problems, even the super hard ones.

Don’t Like People?

We're online-only so you never have to talk to a "banking person" ever again!

Need Money Help?

You're not alone, go to the back of the line.

Need Personalized Help?

Wrong bank, our help will not be personalized or helpful.

About Us

We're a bank built by millennials for millennials.

Coast Bank was built by millennials, for millennials. We don't quite understand why you all bought so much $GME, but we support you!

Our innovative encryption technology routes your transactions through our proprietary MD5 hash OC3 optical digital converter line hookup. Only we can deliver this incredible military-army-navy-grade security!

We answer the live chat 24x7x365. We only take breaks on leap years, and our employees only have to pee in bottles sometimes. Take that, Amazon!

We wanted an award, but apparently those are only for "real banks", so we made our own, and we've won every year since 2019. Screw you, FDIC!


Million Dollars


Trillion Happy Customers


Years of Service


Branches Worldwide

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Ed M.

Coast Bank's LaaS has successfully allowed me to process over $50m of foreign and domestic transactions without setting off any flags!

Anitatat M.

LaaS has saved me from thousands of dollars worth of taxes!

Lisa H.

Staff was very helpful and asked no questions about large transactions. They don't even do identify verification!

Levi M.

They were very accommodating and were more than happy with only 2% commission, which is the lowest I have ever seen. Will definitely be using again for money transfering.

Tiea F.

Privacy is their top priotity, they care about nothing else. 10/10, highly reccomended!

Harolden W.

They collect no info, report no info, and process your transactions. Exactly what a bank should do!

Anna H.

They are great at managing my large transactions, and I especially trust Coast Bank with my money. LaaS is very helpful.

Billybob W.

High recommended. Great features, great prices.

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